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Questions to Expect from Employers

Following is a list of potential questions you should anticipate and be prepared to answer in your interview.


  1. Why do you think our company should hire you? What strengths, specifically, do you bring to this job?


  1.  What do you know about us, and why do you want to work here?


  1. Please describe your most significant accomplishment.


  1.  Describe a personality conflict you’ve had with a co-worker. How did you deal with it? How was it resolved?


  1.  What were the circumstances concerning leaving your last job?


  1.  Of all your jobs, which did you like best and why? Least and why? Give examples.


  1.  What kinds of people do you like working with?


  1.  What do you expect from the company that hires you? How can we meet your needs?


  1.  What two things do you wish to avoid in your next job? Why?


  1.  What would your last supervisor tell me are your three greatest assets? How has at least one of those made a difference?


  1.  What do you feel are two important traits a supervisor should have? Why?


  1.  How would you describe your previous supervisor? How did you know if you were doing well or made a mistake? What comments did you receive on reviews?


  1.  If you could have made two improvements in your last job, what would they have been? Did you suggest these? What happened?


  1.  What are your plans for self-improvement or personal development? What specific improvements have you made this year?


  1.   Describe an experience when you did more than was ordinarily expected.


  1.   How do you keep abreast of current changes in your field?


  1.   Tell me about someone who has influenced your life. What happened, and how did it make a difference?


  1.  What was the largest hurdle you have had to overcome? (Either business or personal.)


  1.   How do you define success?