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Stan Gardner and Associates, Inc.

Questions to Ask Potential Employers

1. What, as a hiring authority, is your vision of this job and, in your mind, what are the key responsibilities? _____ (the recruiter) has told me what they see. What do you see?


2. Can you share with me the structure of the department or division and how it fits into the total organization? (The candidate must address their strengths and make them fit into what the employer is looking for.)


3. Considering the people in your department or company, tell me what your most valued employees are like and what are the three to five things that you believe makes them the most successful.


4. Explain to me what you perceive the corporate culture to be and what type of person best fits into the organization.


5. As the hiring authority, specifically tell me about your management style and what traits best match with your personality to produce the most productive working environment.


6. What are the three or four most significant problems or obstacles that your company faces and how do you plan to solve these issues? Growth? Financial stability?


7. What are the three or four problems that your company faces that you are currently trying to solve?


8. Is your company or department facing any disasters?


9. What are the specific projects that I will be working on in the first month?


10. In the first year, what are the three key contributions that you would expect from my performance?


11. What makes you enjoy getting up each day and coming to work?


12. In three to five years, where do you see my career going and what, specifically, could I do to get there?


13. In terms of resources, what will I have available to work with (i.e. people, equipment, budget, etc.)?


14. what are the three or four things that could cause a person to fail in your department?


15. As the hiring authority, what do you like most about the individual who did this job before me and what three or four things made them most successful?


16. In considering the new position, how do you plan to reorient the position for the future?


17. Mr/Ms Hiring Authority, after interviewing me and being exposed to me, how do you see my background adding value to your company?


This question does two things:


It exposes misunderstandings, and


The employer hears the affirmation of your positive qualities and "fit" with the company.


18. If I were to accept this job and come to work here, how do you see this job impacting my career?


If the hiring authority asks this, go over the problems that you can solve!


After getting answers to all of your questions, you must state that you want this position.